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@ SIIA Info Industry Summit: Interview: Neil Budde, GM, Yahoo News; Audio

[Staci D. Kramer] Neil Budde helped lay the foundation for the Wall Street Journal’s subscription site; for the past year, he’s been on the other coast as GM of one of the most-trafficked news sites, Yahoo News. We spoke after his keynote; subjects included integration across Yahoo, RSS, advertising and more.
mp3logo1.gif You can download the audio here . (13 min., 6.4 megs.) Some excerpts below:

Advertising: “From an advertising standpoint, when you can start to target … that user becomes more valuable than an undifferentiated mass of people you pick up in a newspaper you can’t target within. … I think the area that’s growing and is most interesting, particularly in news, is behavioral … being able to reach the people you want within this huge news audience who have recently visited Yahoo Autos or recently visited Yahoo Travel or have shown some other characteristic that they have an interest in some particular area that an advertiser can target.”

On RSS: “We’re never going to have a relationship or have the content for every publisher, every type of content you might want but to make it a destination where people choose to come and say, ‘This is where I start my news gathering experience,’ they can bring in — through RSS — news from other places. … They’ll see some of the news that lives and exists at Yahoo News and they’ll see headlines that link them out and that makes Yahoo News a more comprehensive package.” He sees some possibilities for matching the interests users show with feeds to advertising but that it’s not something Yahoo is doing now.

On the differences — and similarities — between Yahoo News and “… In both cases I believe my job is largely about taking the information assets you have and turning that into a product that was compelling and interesting and engaging to that target market. Now the difference — one side, you have proprietary content only living inside of the Wall Street Journal â