Should I Buy a Mac Book Pro

-1) {
// tell the user
alert(“You’ve already voted on this question. Thank you for your help!”);
// doesn’t count as a choice
ChoiceMade_gb = false;
// otherwise if they haven’t made a choice yet
} else if (ChoiceMade_gb == false)
// remind them; perhaps they’re new to live polls
alert(“Please select your choice first.”);
else {
// bake a cookie, put it in the cookie jar for next time and mark it with a freshness date
document.cookie = document.cookie + “Should I buy the new MacBook Pro? I can’t make up my mind, and I need your help; path=/; expires=Tue, 31-Dec-2030 00:00:01 GMT;”;

function ViwRes() {
// for each element in the form
for (var X = 0; X

Should I buy the new MacBook Pro? I cannot make up my mind, and need your help
Go for it
Don’t waste your money

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