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Craig Pringle makes a case for digital copies of books

Tablet PC MVP Craig Pringle has written an excellent article that makes a case for digital versions of books. In An open letter to anyone who writes or publishes a book Craig explains why he prefers ebooks over paper versions and implores authors and publishers to consider offering digital versions of their work. I am a firm advocate of digital books and agree totally with Craig’s points. Excellent article and worth a read.

One Response to “Craig Pringle makes a case for digital copies of books”

  1. I think publishers are really missing a huge revenue stream with eBooks. Give me a kiosk with a USB port that can accomodate my C110 or my Tapwave, a couple of different available protect formats and let me peruse and buy books while the fiancee looks around Victoria’s Secret. I can tell you where I’ll be spending most of my time in the mall. Another option for book stores; give me a wifi net I can connect to in your store and let me peruse your entire library via tablet, laptop, ppc, palm, etc.