Comcast CEO Brian Roberts On Net Neutrality

We covered Comcast’s earnings yesterday…in the Q4 earnings call CEO Brian Roberts spoke a bit about net neutrality and the controversy about multi-tiered access raging now (transcript from InternetStockBlog):

“We continue to believe that proponents of the so-called net neutrality are pursuing a solution in search of a problem. Neither Comcast nor any other major cable operator has ever blocked access to my knowledge of customers to any websites, and the competitive market, in fact there are multiple ways to access broadband and the high speed internet, and the internet in general, continues to be the ultimate governor of conduct in this context. But we do also recognize and try to advocate for our right as a network manager, to manage the network, to make sure that the customer experience does not get degraded, due to outside influences like spam and other things.

And finally, we have not had any discussions with content providers with respect to any charges directly from such providers, and that’s an area that at this time, that’s where we’re at. So we don’t believe that this is the right policy. I don’t see it at the moment, having a lot of, it is a regulation of the internet, and we’re certainly going to try to fight anything like that.”

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