Boxwave FlexiSkin for Treo 700w


Boxwave has long been a supplier of useful accessories for PDAs and even though the Palm Treo 700w has only been out for a short while they have already released a protective case for it. The FlexiSkin is a form fitting case that offers protection while adding little to the size of the Treo. Available in both clear and smoky gray colors, the FlexiSkin has cutouts in all the appropriate places so the Treo is just as useable while in the skin as it is without it. Boxwave is offering the FlexiSkin for $32.95, a $3 discount.



i say enjoy your device while you have it. i know this case is thin and all, but it’s still gonna make the device ugly and not as pleasant to handle. i had one for my Treo 650 and i took it off after a while of use.


They also carry similar cases for the older 600 & 650 Treo’s ($16.00 special) as well as for other portable gear.

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