30 boxes is coming- social calendaring

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I have to admit when I first heard about 30 boxes a while back my initial reaction was “so what”? An Ajax-based social calendar just didn’t seem very useful to me but as I hear more details about how it works I am beginning to change my tune. When Kevin Tofel mentioned it yesterday on his blog I began investigating it in earnest and it is beginning to sound like a potentially useful tool. Thomas Hawk blogged in detail (with screen shots) about the capabilities of 30 boxes and it has me thinking how it might help me in my work.

As a consultant with multiple clients I have various meetings scheduled at different venues throughout each week and I can see how tagging each meeting with the appropriate client tag would enable me to share that calendar with that particular client. At a glance my client could see all the work I have scheduled on his/her behalf and get a warm fuzzy feeling that I am working hard on his/her projects (whether I really am or not). That would be pretty useful. Since 30 boxes is based on Ajax it will be very customizable to fit very different needs so tailoring it to a given purpose should be quite easy. Workgroups can share calendars for particular projects so all members can be in the loop. The public beta begins in a few days so keep your eyes on this utility. I think it is going to be big.

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Bleh. The 30boxes website says they want me to use it as my main calendar. I would do so if it had
a) Basic calendar functions. I mean, some of my appointments are every TWO weeks, folks.
b) Pocket PC sync. It isn’t difficult to do – one guy managed to do it in Java for Mozilla Thunderbird (FinchSync – http://www.finchsync.com) so surely it can be done for 30boxes?

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