My original Sony U-70 on ebay


I noticed a large number of referrals to jkOnTheRun coming from an eBay auction so I headed over and took a look. It turns out this is an auction for what is reported to be the original Sony U-70 ultra-portable that I used over a year ago. I don’t know if this is authentic as this auctioneer is not the person I sold the unit to but it’s pretty cool if so. Here’s a snippet from the ad:

You are bidding on a used Sony VGN-U70P plus many, many accessories. This is one very special unit – it is the original Sony U70 that James Kendrick blogged about extensively on his site. James has perhaps done more than anyone in promoting the Tablet PC, and his blog continues to be invaluable for Tablet and mobile power users. Here is a link to his blog, which details his entire journey with this unit:

As to the condition of the unit, James used it without a screen protector. When I got it, the screen had a number of blurry blotches on it which could be seen when the unit was turned off. None of them were visible with the screen on. I have managed to clean up most of the blotches, but the screen does not look pristine with the unit off. However, it does look quite good (see the picture), and it simply is not a factor at all when the unit is on. The screen has no dead pixels and looks just like any other new Sony U when it is on.

I can say that the accessories are the same as the ones I sold with the Sony so this is most likely the one I sold. I wonder if this increases its value at all?


Matt Smith

James, thanks for the suggestion. I have a BT keyboard from ThinkOutside, and I really don’t like it. It’s just a touch too flimsy for me. I remember the Sony U Series keyboard being really sturdy. But you’re right, the ThinkOutside keyboards are sure compact.


Matt, I don’t think Sony ever sold those by themselves. Get a ThinkOutside keyboard, either USB or Bluetooth. You won’t regret it as they are both great keyboards and fold up much smaller than the Sony one.

Matt Smith

James, do you by chance know where I can buy one of the folding keyboards for the U series? I can’t seem to find it on Sony’s site, or anywhere else for that matter.


If that increases the value, perhaps I should think of selling your old U750P :>)

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