Commercializing Consumer-Generated Content

Peperonity LogoBango has put its mobile charging solution into Peperoni‘s community hosting service to create a mobile solution that allows people to charge for their personal content…Peperonity. The basics: The sites cost $14.99 a month, the site-owner can charge as little as one cent which is paid via the carriers phone bill, the content-owner gets 60% of the sale price and Bango gets the difference between that and the percentage the operator takes for charging to the phone bill. I spoke to Bango founder and SVP Alliances & Marketing Anil Malhotra, who told me the service is available all over the world.
I’m one of those people who believe the mobile internet will really take off when user-generated content becomes more common. Most people won’t want to charge for their content (in the same way that most people don’t want to charge for their homepages) but they may want to generate a bit of revenue to support the site…this is a way for individuals or small entities to market mobile content.
A transactional capability is available on a platform that allows personal and community content to be created,” said Malhotra, adding that he expected charges to range between 10c and $1. There’s other situations where people will want to sell mobile content without having to go through the typical mobile machinery. Malhotra gave some ideas:
— unsigned musicians and DJs who want to sell ringtones and other band related stuff, which they can promote to friends and at gigs.
— community groups which are fundraising can sell content to gather money, quite similar to a cake stall.
— college students have created sites with various content such as photos of other students, jokes and so on, and they charge $1 to access it and promote it around campus…”some of these guys are earning a couple of thousand dollars a month out of it, which pays for their college fees”.
Malhotra also cited the growing area of user-generated knowledge or information about content, where people are interested in what other people know and have found.
For example, Malhotra has a Sharp phone and he has a list in there of third-party sites which work on his phone. Other people with Sharp phones are interested in his list, and he plans to set up a site which contains links to sites that work on similar phones, and charge people a dollar to visit the site and find content.
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