Adobe Says No to Native Until CS3

Adobe Systems, makers of, among other things, the wildly popular Photoshop application, have posted a PDF to their website which addresses the issue of software compatibility with the recently released Intel Macs. In the document, Adobe states that it will not be releasing Universal Binaries of their current Creative Suite 2 applications, nor its recently acquired Macromedia products, but is working on native support for the next generation of products. Adobe asserts that it will continue with its, “consistent track record of releasing significant upgrades to our creative professional applications every 18-24 months.” Considering that CS2 was released in May of 2005, this could mean no native Adobe products until Spring 2007.

This announcement by Adobe has significant implications for the creative professional community. Instead of being able to follow the Apple upgrade path, and buying the Intel PowerMacs (which I expect to be released at either WWDC or a special event later in the year), creatives will be stuck with the G5 Quad as the fastest machine available (although the Quad is nothing to scoff at, I am sure it will be blown away by the Intel machines).

Then again, it is quite possible that Adobe knows something we don’t about Apple’s release schedule for its pro desktop machines, and have made this decision based on a later release date from Apple.


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