Windows 98 available on PowerBooks at Best Buy


Windows98 PowerBook

It would seem, atleast according to the picture above, that Best Buy is now distributing PowerBooks with Windows 98 preinstalled.

It says on the product description page that Tiger is preinstalled…but I think that’s just a typo.

I’ve been waiting for Windows 98 to be available on PowerBooks for ages and my dream has finally come true.


former bby guy

CTRL M or N will unlock the demo program, and the password is usually “retail1”.

Free internet!

Paul Stamatiou

Off-topic, but CTRL M unlocks the little Best Buy demo program they have running on most of their in-store PC’s. Most Best Buy stores don’t know how to add a password to that. :-P


This is a typo. How does someone making a typo end up as the top story on your front page?

Lee Bennett

Clearly a mistake–especially considering the 12″ product page properly shows an OS X screen. Only the 17″ has the incorrect Win98 screenshot.


I must say that is kinda funny. Especially now with the fact that people are trying to get windows to work on the new intel macs.


It’s aparent that they just used the image that they use for every computer (lazy buggers )


Yeah, an obvious error in their artwork department.

I just had a big blow up with Bust Buy over a bunk TV they sold me. Their service is a joke.

Elizabeth Webber

haha so apparantly best buy’s advertising/design department didn’t pay much attention before photoshopping that desktop image on there…not smart

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