Verizon to block using the Treo 700w as a modem?


I first mentioned the utility PDAnet a few weeks ago as a great way to use the Palm Treo 700w as an EVDO modem for your laptop or Tablet PC. The $30 utility enables Dial-up Networking (DUN) on the 700w getting around the Verizon practice of disabling it on high-speed devices they offer. Whatever Comes to Mind is reporting that a Verizon representative told them that Verizon would soon have a "fix" rendering PDAnet useless on the Treo. I would not be surprised if this becomes a reality since Verizon has stated they were going to offer modem tethering as a $15/ month service. Too bad for consumers.



Can anyone telll me how to get it to sync with Vista RC1 dang treo installs as a motorola speakerphone of all things


Yes you can use the pdanet without paying extra just a one time cost yea verison sucks when it comes to the way they treat their customers but you can’t beat the network


I did just hear that Verizon will be offering tethering support for the 700w coming up this December. Not too many details yet, though… PDAnet does work with the 700w… if it isn’t a big deal, I would wait until December to see what Verizon has to offer… the price for PDAnet is a little steep for what I will be using it for (occasional email while on the road)…


Help me out. Can we use PDA net on Verizon’s Treo to access the web from our laptops through our phone without paying the $15 or $30 monthly charge? I spoke to a salesman tonight who said you cannot with the Treo 700 but you can do it on a Motorola Q or wait a few months to do it on the Treo 700. This blog seems to say it cannot be done. I am confused. Can it be done or not be done? If so, which phones permit it and which do not. And my last question: Why isn’t there any way to contact PDAnet to ask them these questions?


I just spoke to Verizon’s Tech support and my company phone Treo 700W is setup for a 15/month modem option. But the Technical support is saying that DUN option is not available for Treo 700W because the drivers are not available..? I don’t konw if they really know what they are talking about. From looking at this blog i see some of u were able to use that feature. Can someone shot me an email with any info on this please. I am looking to use Treo 700W with a bluetooth connection to connect to a dialup connection.


I just hope Verizon releases the option to DUN tether at the $15/month rate before they “fix” the PDAnet option.



EVDO is not a free lunch. There is only so many bits per second available in a given cell, which are then shared amongst those users in that cell. By charging for EVDO Verizon makes sure that more of that limited bandwidth is available to business folks that are willing and capable of paying for it. How is that dumb dumb dumb? Sounds like good ol’ American capitalism in action to me: controlling access to a limited resource via financial means.

If you have a Treo 700w, and have a business need for EVDO access to your LE1600 and you don’t pay the $15 a month? Now that’s dumb dumb dumb. :-)

I’d upgrade my E815 to a Treo 700w but I’m getting too damn old to fight with Active Sync anymore.


Well this pretty much garanties I will not be using Verizon…

Dumb Dumb Dumb

Matt Smith

The Treo 700w and PDAnet is why I went to Verizon, and they’re nuts if they think that preventing my usage of PDAnet is going to make me pay $80/month for their card based service.


I knew Verizon wouldn’t just sit back and let PDAnet bring more consumers into their fold. HELLO Verizon!? I really want to become your customer…as soon as you figure out how to treat them….which looks increasingly unlikely…

Mark Sumimoto (Sumocat)

Other companies use added value as selling points in order to compete. But Verizon, it seems, doesn’t feel that pressure. So instead, they bend over backwards to turn added value benefits into pay-for-use features. We need more choices for mobile broadband soon.


Verison makes the biggest mistakes. Sprint (and most other carriers) usually doesn’t/don’t. Heck, DUN Bluetooth will probably work on Sprint’s version such that you don’t even need a tethered cable.


Marc Orchant

Dumb, dumber, dumberest! Verizon is just clueless. If Engadget is correct and Sprint is coming out with a version of the 700w for their network, I hope they don’t repeat this folly.

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