@ SIIA Info Industry Summit: Interview: Joe Mansueto, Chairman & C EO, Morningstar


[Staci D. Kramer] Most of the SIIA session featuring Joe Mansueto centered on the founding and evolution of Morningstar, with only a few q-and-a minutes on his recent acquisition of magazines Inc. and Fast Company. Mansueto sat down with me after the session for a more in-depth look at the magazines and their online operations. The web side is growing, bringing in 15 percent of revenue and a higher profit margin than print. We tried to find a quiet spot, not easy during a break in a room that used to be the lobby of a bank and has 65-foot ceilings.
mp3logo1.gif You can download the audio here (8:27 min; 3.9 megs).
Some excerpts:

Q: What can you do to bring those two (online and print) closer together in terms of what they’re delivering to the company? Is there a reason to do that? Or do you just start accepting at this point the magazines are not ever once again going to be 3 inches think?

Mansueto: “That’s a good question — what the future of the print magazine is. It could be the future is it’s a scaled-down print version complimented by a large web presence for the magazine. That remains to be seen. I think the users will let us know what form they want to receive in content. Is it print or is it online? â

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