Movie From Mobile

This is a neat story about a film shot on Sony Ericsson W900i handsets…it’s directed by South African director Aryan Kaganof. Here’s a comment from him: “We are re-writing the book on cinema here, Ryan, things will never be the same again. From now onwards, all you’ll need [to make a film] is a good idea, a cellphone, a laptop and you’re off. It opens up a whole world of possibilities for African filmmakers …”
It’s a good point. Mobile phones are not only opening up the consumption of multimedia in developing nations it’s also giving people there a chance to develop it.
“At this point, every tech head in the room will begin to sneer derisively and mutter words like “pixellation” and “let’s just wait and see”…A week before shooting began on SMSSugarman, a Swedish lab returned the test blow-up to 35mm film. It looked great, rich in colour, grain and contrast. The doubters will be disappointed.” (via Picturephoning)