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Like Cars, Warships Have iDocks Too

British Navy just launched its latest destroyer class ship, HMS Daring. The $800 million 150 meter ship that has been fitted with a state of the art anti-air missile system, but its most amazing feature might be an iPod charger.

Mess decks are replaced by individual cabins, each with their own I-pod charging points, CD player, internet access, five channel recreational audio and larger berths.

I get a feeling, at this point Microsoft and Bill Gates would have a tough time dislodging iPod from its perch.
(via Yannick Laclau)

7 Responses to “Like Cars, Warships Have iDocks Too”

  1. Brian Madden

    I hope people still use iPods compatible with today’s ports in 2009 when this ship goes into service. Seriously, why would the designers put in an iPod port as opposed to a standard power receptacle and speaker mini-jacks?