Time Inc’s 100 More Layoffs As Focus Is On Online


I am not a particular fan of the layoff spins these days: we’re cutting coz we’re focusing on online. Well, you’re cutting coz your print business sucks, at least under the present structure. It is adding insult to injury to the people losing jobs.

Anyway, Time Inc, after eliminating 105 management jobs just before Christmas, is moving to cut about 100 more, including up to 10 at its flagship, Time magazine. Both editorial and business-side employees are being cut at several of the company’s domestic magazines

The current cuts are largely because of reallocation of resources as it increases its online presence and consolidates some of its business functions, the company says.

“We’re moving from being a magazine publishing company to a multiplatform media company (ah, we get it…), and we have to reallocate our assets. The people you need, the investments you need to make, are different if you’re going to be building Web sites and making TV shows and doing wireless deals and events and partnerships,” said a spokesperson.

An insider e-mails me: “There’s no vision here, just pure, reactionary silliness.”

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