Syncing Nokia Phone + Yahoo PIM + iSync

In his latest infinite-loop entry, Om Malik tells us how he managed to sync his Nokia Phone with Yahoo and iSync. Yahoo doesn’t provide facilities for synchronizing your Mac to their service. They use Intellisync, and that’s Windows-only, as far as i can tell. Om is basically using his phone to “bridge” Yahoo and Mac. He’s having issues with tasks lists, and recommends backing-up your stuff.

For those who consider switching to Mac, and have a lot of information trapped in Yahoo, I wrote this little tip on transferring addresses from Yahoo to the Mac OS X Address Book, a long time ago back in Jaguar-land. I haven’t tried it since then, but I’d wager that by now, Address can import Yahoo-generated LDIF data just fine, so you wouldn’t have to go through the extra Mozilla step. And even back then in my case, I likely had some issue with a control character in one or several of my entries.

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