MTV Networks’ Mobile Move

MTV LogoWilliam H. Roedy, London-based vice-chairman of MTV Networks, has given an interview about the move to mobile and how MTV is handling it…”If you thought MTV was short attention span, now we’re really talking about short attention span.” He was asked how much revenue MTV was generating from mobile now, and replied with some very logical and heartening points about the future growth of the market and completely failed to answer the question.
Roedy reaffirms that music, animation and comedy are the big sellers on mobile, basically anything Nickelodeon.
Some other interesting responses:
On how revenue is generated: “There are three business models: on-demand, subscription, and advertising. Advertising is still pretty new, and I think that may be the big one eventually. We’re getting prices for downloads of anywhere from $3.50 to $7 in the U.K. Subscription we do primarily in Asia — Japan and Korea.”
“People don’t switch on for company while they’re doing dishes or laundry. It’s not passive, you’re actively engaged. You have to concentrate on it.”