Google’s VoIP Plan (Beta Of Course)


While I was busy chasing down stories about Google’s earnings, finishing up my story for the magazine, the blogbees were doing their thing, trying to make sense of disparate bits of information, and assembling them into a honey pot about Google’s VoIP plans. Atleast the click-to-call strategy! Apparently, the company has signed a deal with VoIP Inc., and will be using their service for its click to call offerings and connecting to the PSTN. One should assume that Google is going to use VoIP Inc. for its Google Talk to PSTN connection service.

VoIP Inc has a colorful past. It was a tea importer, a business that might have enjoyed higher profits than cheap calls. (Read that Light Reading Story Very Very Carefully…. you might get a laugh out of it…especially paragraph Four.) It might, use a third party to interconnect to PSTN because it wouldn’t want the hassle of dealing with all that, but lets wait for that. Mark Evans has some thoughts … excellent as always.


Robert Long

Well well

is anyne else expecting an SEC investigation into VOIP,Inc., their founding felon with 11 arrests and multiple felony convictions and possible manipulation of that stock, check out the insider trading reports. Has anyone sold any stock at prices anywhere near what he cashed out at.

they may even find that helost shareholder money at poker tables…..

Let e know PLEASE, if you know of a way to dump this dog.


This is a back-end peering deal where Google is making use of VoiceOne’s interconnects–not a media, metrics or reporting play.

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