CoPilot live 6 GPS for the Treo 700w


On the MobileTechRoundup Podcast that will be released shortly I mentioned my search for a GPS solution for the Palm Treo 700w. Dave Ciccone pointed out that ALK Technologies has just announced the availability of the CoPilot live 6 solution for the Treo 700w. The CoPilot live 6 package is available as software only or with a Bluetooth receiver included. Check out these features:

  • Enhanced 3D map display with Mileage Markers, Moving Maps, and turn arrows that highlight the way ahead
  • Finger touch menus and options screens mean you never have to use your stylus
  • Supports Portrait, Landscape, Square and VGA displays
  • Customizable Routing Profiles give you complete control over what kind of roads CoPilot prefers (highways, local roads, etc.)
  • Ability to create and share your own voice or download new voice sets as they become available
  • Change Voices on the fly between the included male and female or select from any additional voice sets you have created/downloaded
  • Easier Points of Interest Importing and support for widely available 3rd party OV2 formats
  • Fully compatible with the Windows Mobile 5 operating system

The system starts at $199 for the software and maps only and ramps up to $399 for the Bluetooth GPS receiver and a 1 GB SD card for the Treo with all maps for North America pre-loaded.



Since the Treo 700w is a cellphone doesn’t it have built in GPS for E911???

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