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Time Warner warms up to P2P in Germany. It is working on a new service called In2Phone In2Movies with Bertelsmann, and will sell movies and television shows via P2P

— In-Stat says that “About 80% of both planned and current cellular subscribers would consider buying service from an MVNO.”

GrameenPhone, Bangladeshi mobile phone operator has six million subscribers. It added a million in last two months.

Skype does ringtones, will sell song-tunes from Time Warner library.

— Visiongain says Resisting muni-broadband is futile. As of Q1 2006, there are over 100 city and regional wireless broadband networks operational worldwide, more than 40 of which are in the US.



I wonder if Skype will stop you from adding your own WAV files? It would be pretty easy to convert your mp3 into wave and save the dollar. eBay will probably want it to start getting some of their money back.

Has there been any word yet of eBay trying to use the Skype P2P network for any other functions yet? Distributing content??


Om, the Time Warner deal is “In2Movies”.

Hey, any insight on a buyer for GizmoPhone. A sweet technology for someone.

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