Just Thinking: iTunes Verbiage


I just connected my iPod to load a bunch of new songs and video content from my PowerBook and noticed something that probably should be changed in a future iTunes update.

The status message of the upload read “Updating songs on iPod” yet it was in the middle of uploading video content. With iPods now handling music, video, and photos, it makes more sense to change something like this to “Updating media on iPod”. I don’t expect a name change to the app itself – it’s too mainstream.

I know, it’s nit-picky, but I don’t care. Apple’s all about the details, right? There’s a detail I think they should easily be able to correct.

Got any other examples that spring to mind?



Mine just says ‘Updating iPod’ also… I’ve got a 3G ‘pod and iTunes 6.0.2.

Justin Crittenden

I just noticed, were you talking aabout that update message in iTunes itself or on the iPod?, cause in my iTunes 6.0.2 it just says “Updating iPod”…


I think ‘Tunes’ should be removed from the name. Call it ‘iMedia’ and the ‘iMedia Store’ or something like that.

And all those places where it says ‘copying songs’ when it it copying videos, it would be easier if they changed this to something generic, like ‘Copying media files to iPod’ or something like that.

Justin Crittenden

I believe there is an open source project called “iTheater” if apple finds out and decides to change, it could pe a potential perfect name to purchase/purloin.. although its currently a competitor to Front row (and possiblt why its not names iTheater), they could merge the two in to one super iApp… though i do have to agree it should be “updating media on iPod”.. or for that matter just “Updating iPod” since it handles contacts, calendars, notes, and your files as well…

Marsky: originally the i was for internet, the first “iProduct” was the iMac, the thought being that it’s all you need to easily and quickly connect, “internet ready” if you will…


Don’t know about you guys but… i prefer to leave out the “i”… Was funny and cleaver the first time Apple named their software like that…. but now its becoming silly…
iwork, ilife, imac, ibook, isight, itunes, imovie, ical, idvd, ichat, isync, iweb….

Somewhat strayed from the topic but, does the ‘i” stand for internet? or I as in first person? or something else…

At least they didnt name Front Row, iFront Row…

Getting back to the point, yeah I agree the iTunes store should have “music” removed – due to it selling video content such as TV (& movies soon?) aswell.


I was really surprised that the “iTunes Music Store” didn’t become the “iTunes Store” in the last update, given the focus on video content.

For that matter, “iTunes” itself is now a limited misnomer. Perhaps iPlayer or iPlay would be more appropriate.


When you right-click on a video the contextual menu says “Show song file” – I think it should say “Show video file” (for mov/mp4 etc) or even “show file”…

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