Heavy.com On Cash

Breaking: Heavy.com, a New York-based online broadband content community is close to announcing a new round of funding, sources say. The new funding round is likely to bring in around around $10 million. Polaris Ventures is said to be reading the round. I have also heard, Avram Miller, former Vice President of Intel Corp. and current CEO of the Avram Miller Company, will join Heavy’s board.

Heavy.com gets about 10 million unique visitors a month, and is the 7th fastest growing web brand by Nielsen-NetRatings. My favorite program on Heavy network is “Behind the Music that Sucks.” The company was started way back in 1999, and has gone through some makeovers, but with broadband usage on an upswing, Heavy has finally found momentum. The best part is that you can get their video-downloads to go for Sony PSPs and Video iPods. More Details To Follow…


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