The New Boom, A Little Old


Chris Anderson of Wired wrote a short piece on what he describes the New Boom. It is an interest assembly of stats and observations, but it doesn’t delve into THE WHY OF THIS BOOM? For that I suggest you check out two stories we did in Business 2.0 – How To Ride The Fifth Wave? that appeared in July 2005, and our November 2005 story, Tech’s Big Comeback. In many ways The New Boom, is almost half way done, and we have some insanity going on right now. If you were looking for signs of excessive froth – don’t go too far. Just flip the pages of the same Wired issue, and read the story on a Mayfield partner who has a 24-year-old flipping through old magazines looking to revive some of the ideas. (Would You Buy a Used Dotcom from this Man?) If that ‘s not a top, then well…. $150 million buyout offer for would certain be that!


Owen Thomas

Thanks, Om. I didn’t want to be the first to say it, but … well, let’s just say it’s very pleasing to have Chris Anderson as such an attentive reader.

Om Malik

half-way is more notional. if you look at all the recent valuations, and other metrics, things are getting full. i think, and i just think we might be in for another pause, before we restart again. i will go into it in another post. lack of time today…


In many ways The New Boom, is almost half way done

How can anyone say, with a degree of certainty, what point we are in the new “boom”? Halfway? How can you measure? I bet if you were to talk to John Doerr you’d hear him say that we have quite a way to go yet with new opportunities. In fact, when you think about it, ‘net based opportunities could be almost endless. The ‘net has only been around to the masses for a solid ten years now (and broadband is still growing). Compare this to the history of humankind.

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