Sify iWays Cross 3000 Cyber Cafes In 149 Cities And Towns In India


Press Release: Sify Limited, a leader in consumer internet and enterprises solutions, announced today that its ‘iWay’ cyber cafechain now numbers over 3100 cafes at 149 cities and towns across India, opening at the rate of about two a day. Of these, 34 are company-owned, with the rest being franchised operations. Shrikant Joshi, President of Access Media, Sify, said:

“With lessthan 5 per cent of India’s population online, and home PCs at 3.5 million outof a total of about 210 million homes, cyber cafes are going to be the primary means of accessing the Net for some time to come. According to IDC, India has the fastest growing Internet user base in the Asia Pacific Region. In fact, the Internet & Mobile Association of India estimates that Internet users will grow from the current 39 million to a 100 million by 2007. A majority of these users will be accessing the Net from cyber cafes. This is the market we are targeting for the iWays, with multiple services and revenue streams. We will also look at taking this successful delivery platform for Internet services to other countries who have similar levels of home PC and Internet penetration.”

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