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Microsoft’s Acquisitions: Some Estimated Prices; VOIP Heavy

We’ve started our quarterly 10-Q watch with this one: So Microsoft filed its 10-Q report this afternoon, and some interesting figures on its acquisitions in the last quarter (Q4, 2005): it recorded the goodwill amounts on its acquitions, and the two relevant ones for us are its VOIP/messaging related ones: Teleo and Media Streams. The price: Teleo: $22 million; Media Streams: $24 million. Since these were small companies, the total purchase price would not be too much beyond the goodwill amounts…safe to say the two total would be in the $50 million range.

Also, not spelled out in detail, but MSN division also completed other acquisitions worth $15 million in goodwill (I’m assuming that means acquisitions from previous quarters)


MSN buys Teleo

Microsoft Buys Media-streams