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Dow Jones Earnings: Some Details From Conf Call

The Internet Stock Blog people are making things so much easier for us with the conf call transcripts (well, except that for us the transcripts are usually out the day after, but it is still worth going through them). From Dow Jones earnings call yesterday (earnings news here):

— At its Consumer Electronic Publishing unit (which includes, MArketWatch and their other network of sites), Q4 revenues increased 117%..

— The company-owned Ottaway newspapers reported a 34% increase in internet ad revenues in the quarter.

— The net increase of 56,000 subscribers to the online Journal in 2005 was the largest calendar year increase in online Journal circulation since 2001.

— “Shortly after the acquisition, we did have a lot of turnover, especially on the West Coast for MarketWatch, and that slowed down ad sales.”

— To use some analyst-lingo, some interesting color in the call about the integration of MaskwtWatch and Consumer Electronic Publishing sales units/divisions and the resulting changes because of that (see Q&As)