Can eBay Predict Superbowl Champ?

Greg Isaacs, who runs eBay’s developer program sent me an email this morning with this most interesting link. “One (loose) predictor of who may win the Super Bowl could be the value of Seahawks versus Steelers merchandize on eBay,” he writes.

Mpire, one of eBay’s developers has developed a little web tool, that takes eBay market data and tries to correlate current activity on the online auction house with the forthcoming Superbowl championships. So far, Seahawks are getting better pricing, versus Steelers, hinting that the team from the Northwest might actually win this time around.

I think, an ideal mash-up would use income-and-Internet adjusted market data. After all with all the Microsoft up in Seattle, you can easily expect more spending power and more Internet penetration. Pittsburgh fans, I bet are a bit more old school, and likely to do their buying in the analog world.


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