Apple’s RAM Upgrades Actually Cheap??

My younger sister is in the market for a new computer, and like seemingly everyone else these days, she’s looking for a Mac. So as a good big brother, I’m helping her figure out what to get.

While pricing out the new Intel iMac and MacBook Pro, the RAM prices caught my attention.

  • 2x512mb = $100
  • 1x1gb = $100

That alone is pretty cool. So I went over to Crucial to do a little comparison shopping. (Right now, Crucial’s the only memory shop that I saw that lists Apple’s new Intel models.) Their upgrades look like this:

  • a 512mb chip = $109
  • a 1gb chip = $140

So for probably the first time I’ve ever heard of, your memory upgrades through Apple are cheaper than doing it yourself after the fact! Thanks Apple!

On the MacBook Pro, the 2x512mb upgrade is also $100 compared to Crucial’s $109. However, Apple is asking $200 for a 1x1gb upgrade, whereas Crucial’s is still only $140.


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