Win a DocuPen RC800 from Rob Bushway


The DocuPen RC800 is a pen scanner that is worth $300 and Rob Bushway of CutMeLoose is giving one away. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post that answers this question: How would a pen-based scanner like the RC800 impact your digital lifestyle? Rob will run the contest until February 3rd so get your entry in now!


Misty B.

I am looking at getting one for school. I sometimes need copies of my friends notes from class and i’m not going to do it 1 line at a time or lug a 5 pound scanner on my back to do it. I have been looking for this “pen” for quite some time before they finally came out with it. It is perfect for what I need. It will also come in handy after school for little blurbs or signs I come across for events I want to attend and don’t have pen and paper to ‘write’ it down.


I hope this will be better than the previous version.. Cause 700 scan was blurry sorry to say. In short scan to fast or slow too much just to get it right, its difficult and faddy, plus the resolution was low so I guess that too. You guys should make a portable handheld scanner and printer so Then I dont gotta run to make Kinko too!.


I purchased the black/white version 2 years ago,for approx $100 and the rollers were faulty on the first one which I returned for a new one – it also would not move smoothly down the page – after hours of practice. I finally gave up and rturned the 2nd one.
I’m tempted to try the RC800 – for in our Historical Society we have thousands of newspapers to be scanned in – and flatbed scanners are very difficult to use for oversize documents. The docupen would be perfect – if the quality is good enough.
The versatility of this implement should make it a million-a-day seller – but the price is a little steep except maybe for lawyers who can write them off!


I was considering to purchase the previous version of RC800: RC700. However, after searching on the web I found that it probably will not satisfy my needs to copy scientific literature in the library: the resolution level seemed not to be sufficient for the articles with many formulas and graphs using many tiny symbols, and the inbuilt memory of 2MB was not sufficient for saving a sufficient number of pages without having to connect to your computer or notebook.

So, I decided to waite for a next generation of the product with the memory upgrade option and higher resolution.

What a miracle, this kind of dream product already exists since January 2005! I am awaiting impatiently when RC800 will be available in Europe. It will be one of those things I will have with me every day: I can use it to scan an article of interest in the university library, I can take it with me to the national library to scan there the articles I need. I will even take it with me when visiting my colleagues at other universities, for the case I find something interesting in their libraries.

I expect that DocuPen RC800 scanner will allow me to built step by step a personal data base of articles, unpublished preprints, chapters from books, handwritten notes, and other sources which can be kept in searchable form on the hard disc of my laptop! No kilogramms of papers, no lost copies, or copies one cannot find, no painful attempts to remember where I have seen that or that some years ago, no time consuming selection of the papers you need for your next travel … I wish I had this device in my disposal in the very beginning of my scientific career!


I’ve used one and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. I thought it would come out blurry and fuzzy but it was quite perfect. I wouldn’t mind having one!!!


Sfrick, I was thinking the exact same thing, that the only way that a device like this would work properly is if the user got the “physical technique” down perfectly.

Personally I just don’t see how a little pen like that can effectively scan in all the words on a whole page of paper without Michaelangelo perfect “paint strokes!”



One point that I should have mentioned in my comment above; While the docupen is a neat portable scanner, it should not be considered a replacement for flatbed scanner. It will produce good results provided the user knows how to properly use it. I have read many comments about not being able to get a good scan and in those comments the user either had not taken the time to properly learn how to use the scanner or had an expectation that was not realistic.

Blake Bowen

Just a couple of weeks ago, I bought the RC700 after reading a review of it at the-gadgeteer. When I went to Planon’s website, they didn’t even mention the RC800! God! raaaaaagh!!!!


I have the earlier version of the docupen and find it a valuable resource for the road warrior. As I travel a lot I like to read and often found myself jotting down notes are information on an article. I often thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if someone made a small portable scanner that I could just flip out and scan the information instead of just jotting down bits and pieces”. Well, Docupen came up with my answer. That was over four years ago and hundreds of scans later.

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