SmartVideo Launches Ad-Supported Mobile Music Video Service

This deal was announce mid-last year, but the service has been launched now: SmartVideo, which has been going through some management struggles recently, has launched an ad-supported music vdeo services for mobiles, called DMVN. The service is available for free to compatible devices anywhere in North America and currently features top 40 music videos, with plans to expand with additional “phone channels” featuring other genres, including dance, urban, hip-hop, country, rock, and more. The service has 10- to 15-second ads between every second or third video.
SmartVideo’s service operates with Windows Media-capable mobile devices, PDAs, and smartphones, as well as Symbian-based systems with RealPlayer. This is purely an off-deck service
AP: SmartVideo has licensed thousands of videos, although not all of the major record labels have come aboard, Richard Bennet said. He declined to name the record labels.
Some more details in the official release here
SmartVideo Expands Its Ad-Supported Mobile Video Service
SmartVideo Brings Ad-Supported Music Videos To Mobiles