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Disney-Pixar: Jobs Countdown For DIS CEO?; iTunes Conflicts? has been doing a great job with the Disney-Pixar deal, with its package of news stories and Hollywood/new-media implications analysis. Couple of good stories today:

How long before Jobs is Disney’s new boss?: “Pardon my sarong if I don’t believe everything Jobs says. He is an executive of rare accomplishment. He also is a practiced corporate finagler with large ambitions…If Disney falters, will Jobs be able to resist the temptation to meddle? If Iger fails to deliver, would Disney’s board be able to ignore the presence of a superstar CEO waiting in the wings…”

Jobs’ new Disney role raises conflict concerns: The most obvious flash point will be the development of Apple’s iTunes video business…Jobs may also be in a position to gain knowledge about his competitors such as Microsoft, with which Disney has intermittently had a close working relationship on issues such as DRM and digital content delivery.