Day Two Of VAS Conference, Mumbai: “The Importance Of Quality And Exclusivity Of Mobile Content”


Gmail played the spoil sport. The updates of the day two of Infor-Media‘s two-day Value Added Services Conference which ended in Mumbai on Tuesday, reached me only today, just now. They were sent at 7.45 pm on Tuesday evening. Our contributor Prashant Sethi has done a good job. Read on…
S. P. Narayanan, Vice President, Hutchison Essar Ltd
We have seen a significant growth in mobile subscription (by 2002, we shot up form 0 to 8 millions, in the next three years we have crossed 75 million) and this is just the beginning. This would only mean that we do not need to worry about market potential but have to start creating relevant content. We have also been fortunate to be able to serve voice, data and content.
The frontier of this business till now has been music and music derivative products; the challenge is obviously to monetize music. Till date music has been repurposed by intermediate bodies and not by the original creator. Creators have to step up as they are the only one’s who would be able to give value to the customers. As music relates to an individual on a daily basis hence has been largely dominated by local content with a partnership of some foreign content. If the growth is to be maintained, outstanding quality has to be developed by local content owners.
Music is followed by games in popularity, it has been noticed that consol based games have been very popular and this could help us to conclude that aspiration to play games is present in the market. We have an opportunity to cater to this market. Like music, relevant game content bundled with bringing the purchasing power of games to the customer is the key to success. Games do have an advantage over music as games are ‘made’ for mobile handsets, where as we are struggling for the same in music. Notice also has to be given to the fact that the ability to make games attractive and compelling helps to generate reasonable level of interest.
One product that is evolving fast is video and picture messages, although these are still made only for other media, they always find a way to mobiles. Such content has to be made available for mobiles and quality has to be taken to the next level. As for the argument of domestic vs international contents, well, the bulk of content comes from the domestic front in terms of music, but yes international players have an important role to play when it comes to games. Mobile’s potential as a mass medium has to brought in the focus on content, and it has to be dedicated and exclusive.
…Next is a discussion modulated by Vijay Lazarus, President, Indian Music Industry.

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