Xbox 360 May Be Launched In India Soon If Union Budget Gives Sops Microsoft’s gaming console, Xbox 360, is most probably going to be launched in India anytime after the Union Budget, which will be announced on February 28.

“India is a key market and there is no doubt about it. Yes, the product will come, its just a question of time,” Country Manager of Entertainment and Devices, Microsoft, Mohit Anand said. Anand suggested that Microsoft is seriously considering a post-budget launch. “We are now building that relationship – we are building channels through our pc games business. Also VAT needs to become pervasive. Duties on consoles are humongous and another key element is broadband,” Anand said. “Twelve to 18 months is what I give, it could be sooner as well,” Anand added.

So gamers, watch out if you still haven’t got one from the grey market or through your friend or cousin abroad.

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