UK’s Tiga Looking For Partners For Game Development In India

India Monitor: This is a story I missed. Nevertheless, it’s useful. UK’s The Independent Games Developers Association (Tiga) is looking for partnerships in India for game development. Nikkan Woodhouse, member, Tiga, said:

“Tiga feels there is potential in India in the gaming space.” Tiga is scouting for for partnerships with Indian companies for gaming outsourcing, Woodhouse said. However, talks with the companies are at a nascent stage.

Indian gaming companies have also formed an association -Indian Games Industry and Trade Association (iGita), which has founding members like Dhruva Interactive, Electronic Arts, Hungama, Indiagames, Mauj, Microsoft India (Entertainment & Devices Division), Mobile2Win, Paradox Studios and Tinfo Mobile. Both the organisations can work together, but I hope it doesn’t become a cartel.

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