“Market Penetration First, Then Equip The Customer To Consume Content


The coverage of Infor-Media‘s two-day Value Added Services Conference continues…By Prashant Sethi
Robert Hayes, Managing Director Asia-pacific & VP Corporate Development, Glu Mobile
Glu Mobile is a pioneer in wireless gaming and works on an internal publishing business model. It produces and publishes diversified content appealing to a global fan bases and capitalizes on strong global and regional brands,. For VAS to be a success story, penetration has to be the first step followed by equipping the customer to consume, says Hayes.
Handset support is critical because content durability is linked to handset coverage. Mobile support also means more impressions which in turn translates into data revenue and extends reach as it has the highest penetration than any other platform. Focus also has to be maintained for making products out of content. There is a need to merchandise content, persistent marketing is fundamental and offline and off-portal marketing is a must.
Brand also stimulates demand as it helps in building credibility and expectations. It stimulates quick and confident purchase. Brand also takes other forms like genres/naming convention – popular genres and names reduce risk affinity. It also encourages quality and features become a must.
There has to be a ‘fun-factor’ and communicating with the local market, demographic is keen to mobile entertainment. We have to realize that mobile is real and consumers do consume content via mobile.
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