Disney buys Pixar


It’s official, folks…
Retuers reports that Disney is set to purchase Pixar.

Fortunately, it looks like the top honchos from Pixar, including Steve Jobs, are now controlling the animation department and the entire company, and the previous leaders of Disney Animation have been moved or fired. This is strangely like the takeover of Apple by the Next people in the late 90s, which turned out well. Hopefully, Disney can now move forward in a positive direction, and make the company back into what it once was…



I don’t think that Steve Jobs would allow Disney to corrupt Pixar. Disney was in trouble and needed to shake things up. Appointing Pixar’s head creative talent, John Lasseter, as their new head of animation (or something alone those lines) is a step in the right direction for Disney as a whole. Steve Jobs is obviously more qualified than any of Disney’s board of directors, or their current CEO, to take them into the next generation of digital media delivery. I think both John and Steve love Pixar and wouldn’t have taken positions in the new Disney if they didn’t believe the Pixar formula for success couldn’t be applied to it. I’m not sure I like it either, but I trust both Steve and John to make an ailing Disney right again. If anybody can pull it off, they can, and Disney knows it too.

Now, how long will it be before Steve Jobs takes over as CEO of Disney?


Personally i really don’t think Disney should corrupt Pixar..Pixar has been doing sooo well.This topic kind of makes me mad :(


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