As Of Now, Nobody Is Betting Big On VOIP In India

Teleclick: An interesting story on why VoIP hasn’t taken off in India despite the government allowing it from January 1. The story says no operators have come forward to start VoIP.

One major reason for this lack of enthusiasm may be that providers are only allowed to offer international calling, outside of India’s borders. Domestic long distance remains the domain of existing access service providers.

The point is well taken. It further says:

Another major hindrance on the country’s VoIP industry is the low internet penetration rate in general. There are only about 1 million broadband lines in India, meaning that less than 1% of the country’s 125 million telephone-connected households will even be able to access the benefits of VoIP services.

But India is about potential. Internet usage is growing and broadband connections are also clipping. So one needs to invest for the future in India.

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