@ NATPE Mobile++: Size Is Relative

Work in progress. Sitting at a late afternoon panel on “The Tiny Screen: Portable Devices and Handheld Media Players Offering TV and Video” … a drop-off in audience, probably because it’s the eighth or ninth session today. Also, at some point, despite best efforts, some of the panels get a tad repetitious. A shame given the caliber of this group: Andrew Cole, president-strategy, The Management Network Group; Michael Polin, American Television in China, International; Michael McMurray, Direcgtor-product management-video services, RealNetworks Inc.; Bill Sanders, VP-programming, Sony Pictures Digital Sales and Marketing; Mark Selby, Global VP-multimedia business programs, Nokia; Michael Boyd, Senior Director-programming; MediaFLO USA, Inc.
After a full day of hearing a thesaurus full of synonyms for “small,” some of the panelists finally took issue with the description. Nokia’s Mark Selby held up a Nokia phone and challenged moderator Allison Dollar over whether it was tiny. No, she had to admit. Bill Sanders added some perpective, noting that it’s not usually a choice between large screen and mobile: “I think small is a relative thing. … Most times, it’s small screen versus no screen.”
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