@ NATPE Mobile++: Levinsohn Keynote: Mobile MySpace

Ross Levinsohn, president of Fox Interactive Media, is speaking to a good-size crowd at the Mandalay Convention Center. A lot of table setting to start — how News Corp. reinvigorated its interactive business, spent nearly $2 billion, built audience up to 62 million users, etc.
Some highlights:
— “This is the year MySpace is going to go mobile. You can see them interacting on their computer, now want to extend that to the phone. … We want to empower MySpace screen names to supplant mobile numbers.”
— “This year IGN Mobile will launch in truly bigger fashion” with a Java/BREW IGN Mobile application that will include content from all IGN sites. Included: SMS, forum posting, ladder rankings, user gen news and reviews, etc.
— The number of users and video streams for the relaunched American Idol site — idolonfox.com — tripled over a year ago in the first two days.
— “The landscape for media is changing so fast, you really have to stay up on new technology and have to keep an open mind. If anyone stands up here over the next two days and tells you they have the answer, they’re lying. … In the next 24 months we’ll see more change than the past 10 years.”
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