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Nareos Launches Legal Mobile p2p Download Service

Nareos has launched a peer-to-peer mobile file sharing service, dubbed PeerBox. Designed for next-gen handsets, the software allows users to search for music and download songs from open p2p networks such as eDonkey 2000 and Gnutella. “PeerBox combines an audio fingerprinting component to offer copyrighted songs only as paid downloads, as well as on-air and speech recognition to identify music and speech-assisted search…The service will be offered as a subscription and a pay-per-download service that will appear on the customer’s cellular phone bill or credit card.”
I’m not sure how the fingerprint thing works — it can identify songs that are protected by copyright but I thought it needed the labels permission to actually sell them. It’s possible the labels will give that permission, I guess.
The other issue is (of course) bandwidth. Depending on the plan the bandwidth charges could be a killer.
Ten months ago Bertelsmann launched GNAB, a p2p white-label service targeted at “mobile phone operators, Internet providers or TV stations”. I haven’t heard anything about it since, on the mobile side.