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@ MIDEM: Taking The MIDEM Shuttle

[by Mark Frieser] If you’re flying to MIDEM from New York (as I did), there’s only one non-stop flight going to from New York to Nice (the closest airport to Cannes) where you’ll find 1/2 the New York (and beyond) delegation of the music industry onboard. So, in a way, on the MIDEM Shuttle (As it is affectionately known) is where the event began for many of us. The business/party atmosphere of the flight gives everyone an opportunity to start the networking early,

And the deal making continues when the plane reaches France – Cannes is a small city, and the fact is that as soon as you get into town, you’ll likely run into any number of industry executives you’ll want to do business with and spend a few minutes catching up in an environment that encourages deal-making like no other. It is my hope we can bring you up to date with the latest plans and prognostications for the digital and mobile music industries for 2006.