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@ MIDEM: MidemNet Day One: The State of the Business Panel

[by Mark Frieser] The day’s first panel, Breaking the Value Chain – The State of the Business, 2006. Honestly, this was the march of the troglodytes beating their chests asking for more share of the pie, disparaging many new technologies and with a few exceptions, pointing fingers while not moving the industry forward. It is unfortunate, but most of this panel focused on how bad P2P is, how publishers don’t think they are getting a big enough piece of the pie, and how artists have to be protected (and that’s an interesting concept, but I don’t know if P2P is a huge problem for artists versus, ummm, say, contract structures, but I’ll keep my counsel and just report the fact from here out). The fact that this panel was stating the LP model was under threat just says it all. Actually, the only thing relevant from this panel was the quote from Peter Jenner, chair of the IMMF and former manager of Pink Floyd and The Clash called to publishers and labels to work in a together partnership structure that in the past with artists. My feeling for this panel is that just for one, it would be delightful to hear a state of the business where the publishers give an idea of real progress made on the area of revenue share with labels and they come to terms with P2Pâ