Collapsing Windows: TDVoD Is The Mix

That’s TV-DVD-VOD, in case you didn’t get that…the momentum of those collapsing windows is increasing by the day, it seems, and “day and date” is becoming the norm. Sundance has also brought some activity around that too. Some case in point:

IFCing Windows: IFC Entertainment unveils a plan to release 24 films in theaters and on cable at the same time this year. The program, called First Take, will place films in indie theaters while also making them available over a new VOD service that will be carried by all the major cable companies. The IFC service will ramp up to making 10 to 15 films available a month, including some from other distributors, at a cost of $6.95 a month for subscribers or $5.95 per film.

Cuban-ing Windows: Also on Friday, Steven Soderbergh’s s “Bubble,” has been financed by Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner, two former Internet entrepreneurs. The film will open in Cuban’s chain, Landmark Theaters, as well as on his HDNet high-definition network. The DVD will be available four days later.

Penguins: Warner Home Video will release an enhanced version of the documentary “March Of the Penguins” exclusively for the VOD and PPV markets…This is the first time that a studio is releasing an enhanced version of a theatrical film for this purposes. Shows Hollywood’s growing comfort with on-demand cable offerings.

In an analysis of all this, Fortune writes: “Hollywood won’t know the impact of simultaneous release until a studio tries it with a big-budget movie, like a Harry Potter picture. But those movies do just fine in the current window system. So why would Warner Bros. take a chance with one of them? What we are likely to see instead is a further narrowing of the time between theatrical and DVD releases. That makes cinema owners nervous too, but not as much as simultaneous release.”