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Art Rage 2 now available

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One of the coolest programs on a Tablet PC just got better with word from Ambient Designs that Art Rage 2 is now available. The new version comes in both Windows and Mac versions and there are two versions available for each platform. The free version updates Art Rage (and Ink Art) with some speed and other improvements while the paid version ($19.95) provides a slew of new tools. Here is the feature comparison from Ambient Design’s web site:

4 Responses to “Art Rage 2 now available”

  1. The ArtRage folks got back to me about this problem:

    “Thanks for the mail, we’ll add a note about screen resolution to the system specs. However, I think I’ll make some adjustments to it in a patch so that it will operate. What you will find is that if you can’t see the OK and Cancel buttons you can still activate them by pressing Enter or Escape, and as the Tablet PC has an enter button on its frame that should still be available. It’s not a solution, but it will let you exit the app gracefully in the meantime while we put a patch together.”

    I tried this and the Enter part works, but surprisingly the Escape part doesn’t, even though the Escape key on my Motion LS800 is not programmed to something other than the default. The key seems to work as Escape in other programs.

    In any event, ArtRage is a great program and it is nice that they are also glad to support those of us who like to carry Tablet PCs in our pockets even though the natural market for drawing software is larger Tablets.