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— Why Google Is supremely over valued via Light Reading.

— Series 60 Symbian phones are likely to affected by three new trojans, and folks over at SANS are urging extreme caution.
Symantec today has posted 3 new trojans identified that impact your operating system. Nokia has more details.

— France Telecom has 200,000 IPTV subscribers.

— He wanted to buy Irish incumbent Eircom. Majority share holder, aka Swiss Government, said no way. And Swisscom CEO Jans Alder has quit in a hissy fit. Just like the CEO of Telekom Austria.

— The Brits are accusing Chinese of digital smash-and-grab, whatever that means.

Survey says, Net users worried about Net Neutrality!

— AT&T’s break up resulted in many stocks, really bad investment returns, and well, a kick-in-the-rear end by S&P 500. Makes you wonder why anything will be any different now that King Ed is half-way to reassembling Ma Bell?

802.11n “draft” approved. Un-wideband. UWB is in limbo

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Jesse Kopelman

Om, you’re jumping the gun on 802.11n. Only a draft was approved. It will be a while before we have the final version and while more before we have the certified hardware.

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