Photo App Overload

I feel like I’m drowning in photo applications lately – anyone else feeling the pressure on their chest also? aperture

There’s been Aperture (though I haven’t sprung for that one just yet) in recent weeks/months, Adobe’s new Lightroom beta, iPhoto ’06, and now I’ve got a copy of iView Media Pro 3 that I’m starting a review on. These, added to the couple RAW editing apps that I was already using – Adobe’s Camera Raw and occasionally, Canon’s Digital Photo Professional – have me feeling like a chicken with its head cut-off.

I guess there are worse things to be complaining about. I’m having fun with all the new stuff, it’s just taking that much more time to cut through the noise and get to the cool features of each app.

iPhoto ’06 is looking pretty svelte these days. That unified UI, full screen editing, and added speed sure bump it up quite a bit from it’s ’05 sibling. Will it make believers out of the many past critics? I really can’t say. (I unfortunately had just recently archived my 14 months’ worth of photos – around 6k – to an external drive, so I’ve only got around 200 in the Library at the moment. So testing any new speed will require me to do some major re-copying over…) In my opinion, it’s definitely earned itself a stay of execution on my PowerBook for the time being.

Lightroom has some potential also. The file size is pretty tiny for all that it does, it makes editing of RAW images pretty simple, and the interface it pretty elegant to boot. I just downloaded the 1.1 upgrade tonight, but have yet to put it through any paces. At least in the 1.0 version, it was taxing the poo out of my 1.5ghz G4 processor. (talking in the neighborhood of 70%+) That had me quitting it pretty fast after getting a feel for it’s capabilities. There’s no excuse for that kind of constant thrashing of my system. Hopefully the 1.1 version is a little more stable in that respect.

Now – iView Media Pro 3. Ooooooooh yeahhhhh. I’m still only scratching the surface with this app, but holy deuce I’m loving every bit of it. A thorough review is forthcoming, so hang onto your seats for that.

Like I said, it’s a pretty good problem to have here. But the chore will ultimately be how to pare down the apps I’ll use in my regular digital photography work flow. I’ve a feeling that Lightroom and iPhoto may be falling somewhat by the way-side, but I haven’t made any real decisions just yet.


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