InkGestures beta available for download


If you have a Tablet PC and you ever work in Microsoft Word then stop what you are doing and go download InkGestures right now. Come back here when you’re done.

Good. You now have the easiest and most intuitive way to edit Word documents with your pen. Take a look at the current gestures supported by InkGestures (more added all the time):

This is the best utility for the Tablet PC for document work bar none. My personal favorite is the italics squiggle. Well done, Loren!


Mickey Segal

I already got a response from Loren about this problem – she is now on the case. It is impressive how well people pay attention to feedback.

If others run into the same problem with the TIP using the beta of Ink Gestures please let her or me know – it will help narrow down the circumstances under which this problem occur.

Mickey Segal

Most times that I open Microsoft Word, after installing the Ink Gestures add-in, I am only able to write a few words in the TIP and then anything I write appears as several periods one after another (both in the TIP’s recognition and in the TIP’s display of my writing). The TIP still works in other applications. I never saw this problem before. This is on an LS800 with only 512 MB and it is running in 800 x 600 mode; it seems as if the computer is hesitating when it needs to expand the size of the TIP.

Has anyone else seen this problem?


It’s about time! I was impressed with gestures in Applicon product 20 years ago and didn’t see it going anywhere until I saw a SkyOS demo with a gesture setting just today, and I found SmartGesture on the web but the software doesn’t seem to be supported anymore. And then I came here to see InkGesture!

(I remember the most from Applicon was Z for zooming in and out. Z written from top to bottom for zooming in and Z written from bottom up for zooming out — Or did I get it backwards?)

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