iDisney, Pixaires, and the iTunes Planet


Steve Jobs dream of being a Hollywood mogul might after all be real. The Wall Street Journal reports that Walt Disney is in serious talks to buy Pixar Animation Studios for about $6.7 billion in a stock transaction. This would make Steve Jobs the single largest stock holder in Walt Disney. Or what I have labeled, iDisney! Steve owns about 60 million Pixar shares, or roughly 50.6% of the company. The Pixar team would become Pixaires, since old terms like millionaires don’t make much sense for those who get stupendously rich for doing what they love.

I hope WD doesn’t screw Pixar’s iconic culture up too much, and leaves it alone to print money for the aging animation studio owner. I think this in the long run would be good for Apple. Steve, can sit with the content owners and finally make a convincing argument that he is on their side. As a majority shareholder in Disney, he can say he got skin in the game… etc etc etc. Perhaps, it could help Apple stop the Microsoft and its DRM plan, which for now Hollywood likes.



Perhaps, it could help Apple stop the Microsoft and its DRM plan, which for now Hollywood likes. And no mention of Google’s DRM :( Agreed Google’s DRM is in pretty bad shape today but their engineers should beat the evil by the end of this year.

Jacob Varghese

This would make SJ the largest shareholder, but not a majority shareholder in Disney. He would need over 50% for that.


Mmmh — are you sure the maker of iTunes will fight DRM? Or do you mean “replace Microsoft plans by its onw”?

Regarding Jobs and the Disney competitors, they will be happy to go through interresting distribution deals, especially if he remains the only worthy alternative to piracy. Partnerships already exist when producing movies; I don’t think they will bother as much as they seemed to care about deciding the retail price.


What do other major content producers say when the largest shareholder of one of their largest competitors comes knoking on their door form more content for his ‘other’ company?


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