James Murdoch: Business Model For Mobile TV Unclear

This is bound to send some ripples: James Murdoch, CEO of BSkyB, UK’s largest satellite TV provider and now moving into mobile TV, said in an online chat on FT.com that the business model for mobile TV is still unclear and said “we don’t know yet” which technology, business model or content would work best.
Murdoch said BSkyB had been “encouraged” by the early response to its mobile services. More than 5 million streams of live TV channels had been accessed since it launched the service with Vodafone in November.
Sky was interested in other platforms than the mobile phone, he suggested, saying: “It’s not complete to suggest that people won’t watch TV on their phones. That’s not the point. Products as diverse as PSP, the Archos portable hard drive or Motorola’s 3G RAZR all in different ways allow customers to consume content on the go.”