EMail, The Energizer Bunny Of The Net

The Radicati Group forecasts that worldwide email traffic will grow from 171 billion messages per day in 2006, to 331 billion messages per day in 2009. There will be 1.4 billion mailboxes in 2006 and will grow to 2.2 billion mailboxes in 2009, growing at an average annual rate of 16%. How much of that is spam? In 2006, 58% of messages delivered per day to end users will be spam. By 2009, this percentage will fall to 50%. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? I hope so! We need Akismet for Email! Interestingly, the research firm forecasts that the global revenue for the wireless email market will increase from $439 million in 2006, to $1,502 million in 2009.


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